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Thursday 31 May 2012

The list of past and present Simply RISC contributors includes:

  • Fabrizio Fazzino (author of the original SPARC Core to Wishbone bridge)
  • Dmitry Rozhdestvenskiy (author of the optimized Wishbone bridge)
  • Salvatore Cammisuli (co-author of the SPARC Core to AMBA bridge)
  • Nuccio Di Paola (co-author of the SPARC Core to AMBA bridge)
  • Giovanni Di Blasi (developer of the boot code and bring-up software)
  • Emanuele Luzzu (author of a graduation thesis on the Simply RISC S1 Core)
  • Albert Watson (current maintainer)

Other people who did not contribute directly but that we wish to thank for their great work:

  • Sun Microsystems (RIP) for having open-sourced the OpenSPARC T1 and T2
  • Stephen Williams (author of Icarus Verilog)
  • Tony Bybell (author of GTKWave)
  • Julien Lemoine (maintainer of several cross-compilers for Debian, including SPARC64 ones, on
  • Steve Rhoads (author of the Plasma MIPS on OpenCores and source of inspiration for us all)



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